9 Offbeat Remote Tools For A Better Work Environment

There are many ways to make your working environment more efficient and fun. We have compiled a list of unconventional remote tools that can do just that.

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Working remotely has become the new norm for many companies across the globe. In order to make this transition, companies need to provide their employees with the proper tools to stay connected and productive. While many popular remote tools are available, there are also some lesser-known tools that can be just as helpful – if not more so. 

Let's explore some offbeat remote tools that can help create a better work environment. From employee recognition tools to team-building games, these tools can help make working remotely more efficient and enjoyable.

1) OurBalance




  • This app lets you see your team's well-being effortlessly before surveys or questionnaires. 

  • OurBalance gives you four essential behavioral and biological metrics (work balance, social life, incidental activity, and sleep) to see how the team is doing. This helps you to take action where it is most needed.

  • You can form and join groups with co-workers to achieve balance together.


  • Free to use; options available for enterprises.

2) Remo



  • Remo is a virtual conference tool that provides easy, face-to-face interactions like in real life. 

  • It doesn't sacrifice the networking experience and allows attendees to interact in real-time by joining a "table."

  • You can also create a 'virtual office' using this tool.


  • Starts at $270 for meetings & events and $680 for virtual offices.

3) Nectar




  • Nectar makes employee recognition easy and fun while creating a great collaboration and teamwork culture.

  • It integrates seamlessly with software such as Slack, Teams, etc. This allows you to send recognition directly from Slack/Teams without logging in to another software.

  • Nectar includes five reward options:
             A direct Amazon integration.
             A robust catalog of gift cards.
             Branded company swag.
             Charity donations.
             Custom rewards you can design.


  • Starts at $2.75/user.

4) Trivia (by Springworks)




  • Trivia lets you build camaraderie, collaboration, and connections among your teammates through real-time games & quizzes.

  • With Trivia’s suite of quizzes, you can bring Social & Fun back to your workspace (right inside Slack & Microsoft Teams) even while working remotely.

  • Trivia quizzes are fun, easy to launch and provide a quick 5-minute break from your workday. 


  • There is a free plan available. The paid ones start at $4/user.

5) Ricotta Trivia


Remote_Work_Tool_Ricotta Trivia


  • This is another virtual team-building tool that has engaging trivia games & icebreakers.

  • You can play various games, quizzes, etc., inside Slack & Microsoft Teams.


  • There is a free trial and a free plan. The paid ones start at $24/month.

6) Butter



  • Butter is a tool for facilitating highly collaborative virtual sessions like workshops, trainings, bootcamps, etc.

  • You can run team meetings such as stand-ups, one-on-ones, open co-working, and even client meetings on Butter.

  • You can integrate Miro, MURAL, Google Docs, YouTube, and more to collaborate directly inside the tool.


  • There is a free plan available. The paid one starts at $30/user.

7) fikaTime



  • fikaTime is a Microsoft Teams App that builds socially connected teams by pairing up employees to meet for (virtual) coffee.

  • It allows you to foster a more inclusive and diverse culture by bringing people of different backgrounds together to celebrate their differences and find commonality.

  • fikaTime improves mental health by helping employees build a more connected and resilient culture.

  • It also offers an analytics dashboard to see how your employees are connecting with each other.


  • It offers a free trial. The paid plan starts at $2/user.

8) Awardco



  • Awardco is an employee reward and recognition platform.

  • Small recognitions such as nods and mini applauses in the offices can lift the team. This tool helps you create such a work culture remotely.

  • It offers millions of options to reward your employees with access to Amazon Business, tickets to shows, hotels, travel, and more.

  • Awardco has global fulfillment, so you can reward your employees no matter where in the world they are.


  • You have a get a demo to understand the pricing.

9) Bored



  • Bored helps remote teams socialize through fun games.

  • This is only available for teams that use Slack.

  • It has various games for team-building activities such as Trivia, Memelord, Who's the faker, and many more.


  • Free to use.

Now that you know more about the tools out there to make remote working a little easier, it's your turn to take the leap and try something new. Our hope is that this list will give you a better understanding of how remote work tools can help you stay organized, efficient, and productive to create a positive work environment.

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