5 AI Tools to Help You Write Better Job Descriptions

Think about these AI tools as professional coaches that assist you in your writing by identifying problematic words & giving suggestions for improvements.

Your job description is practically an advertisement for potential candidates. Writing better job descriptions allows you to attract the right kind of talent while appropriately representing your organization as an employer brand.


As Talent Board reported, 77% of candidates say that job description content is where they make their decision.

As a hiring manager, it makes all the sense to invest proper time and care into creating a fantastic job description because it will have a direct impact on your quality, time, and cost to hire.

However, job postings are susceptible to bias. Even the best copywriters can bring in bias, unconscious or implicit, and can negatively affect the perception of a potential candidate about the job opportunity. One of the ways to make this job a tad easier is to hire a professional copywriter to create your job descriptions and optimise them for candidate acquisition. Or you can use one of the many AI enabled tools that augment your writing. Think about these tools as professional coaches that assist you in your writing by identifying problematic words and giving suggestions for improvements.

AI writing tools can analyse and suggest improvements in several aspects:

  • Gender, race and age bias
  • Exclusionary words
  • Paragraph and sentence analysis
  • Optimal job titles
  • Grammar & punctuation

Here are the top AI tools to enable you to write fantastic, bias-free job descriptions:

  • Textio
  • Text Analyzer by Ongig
  • Datapeople (formerly TapRecruit)
  • JD Analysis Tool by Applied
  • Job Page Grader


Textio AI Job Description Tool

Textio is an augmented writing tool that allows you to write job descriptions that are not overly biased towards any given group. It uses AI to offer intelligent suggestions and highlights any red flags in your recruiting content that could alienate potential applicants. The user interface is delightful with a color-coded system that identifies and rates expressions and phrases. It makes suggestions for alternate phrasing to improve the writing and eliminate unconscious bias related to age, gender, race and culture.


  • Textio Score: provides a measure of how your job post will perform in the talent market in comparison to similar jobs
  • Writing aid: Reduces writer's block by guiding the composition process with quick and helpful suggestions
  • Candidate database: The platform also features a candidate database that is reported useful by some recruiters


  • Poor integrations with ATS
  • Too expensive for smaller teams that need to write only a handful of job descriptions every year


No free trial. According to the official website of Textio, the price will be a factor in the number of job descriptions in the subscription plan.

Datapeople (formerly TapRecruit)

Datapeople AI Job Description Tool

Datapeople (formerly TapRecruit) is one of the highest-rated products in this category. In addition to offering improvement suggestions in your writing with language analytics, it also scores your job descriptions to estimate how it'll perform in the talent market. To make the entire process of creating job listings more engaging, Datapeople gamifies the experience of using the platform for teams.


  • Contains a fantastic library of templates and documents which can be used as starting points for faster content creation
  • Integrations with almost every other popular ATS


  • AI suggestions are sometimes inaccurate or irrelevant
  • Cumbersome user experience


Free trial followed by $499/month for 5 job posts

Text Analyzer by Ongig

Text Analyzer by Ongig AI Job Description Tool

Companies use Ongig to create career sites and enhance their job listing content. Similar to other products in this category, Text Analyzer by Ongig uses natural language processing to analyse your job descriptions to identify problematic phrases and expressions. It also has a professional copywriting them that takes in the input of Text Analyzer and rewrites your job listings free from unconscious bias.


  • Provides professional copywriting services in addition to the software
  • Can analyse entire 'paragraphs' instead of just 'words' and 'phrases'


  • Not easy to get started - has a long, comprehensive onboarding process
  • User interface isn't the most modern and prettiest


Free trial followed by $999/month.

Job Description Tool by AppliedJob Description Tool by Applied

Job Description Tool is part of a larger end-to-end recruitment software by Applied designed to remove bias through every stage of the hiring process. Similar to other products in this category, Applied enables you to craft unbiased and effective job descriptions. It also assists you in writing by providing relevant cues in the form of a question library.


  • End-to-end solution for bias-free hiring
  • Can analyse entire 'paragraphs' instead of just 'words' and 'phrases'
  • Easy and delightful user experience


  • Offers a lesser number of suggestions and improvement areas in comparison to other software
  • The interface could use a facelift


No free trial. Plans start at $420/month

Job Page Grader

Job Page Grader

This is our favorite tool in the category and it's a free one too! Job Page Grader is a fantastic product to quickly analyse your existing job pages and get some quick practical suggestions to improve them. Unlike other software in this category, Job Page Grader doesn't help you craft job descriptions from scratch. You start with URL of your existing JD, which is then analysed on several parameters related to engagement, conversion, SEO, and performance. It also offers a set of checklist recommendations on each of those parameters.


  • Not limited to language and bias analysis. Provides a broader feedback on aspects like engagement, SEO and performance
  • Free to use!


  • Unlike other softwares, it doesn't provide suggestions for replacement words, phrases and expressions
  • Doesn't offer any tools to build job descriptions from scratch



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