Employee Experience Letter Templates

An employee experience letter is a document that an employer can provide to an employee that outlines the employee’s experience with the company. This can be a useful document for an employee who is seeking new opportunities, or for an employer who wants to provide a reference for an employee.

An experience letter should contain following information:

  • Employee’s job role/position
  • Date of joining/tenure of service
  • Skills and experience gained
  • Date of resignation

To help you create an employee experience letter, we have provided a few templates that you can use.

We hope this resource helps you in the journey of transitioning your employees. These templates can make the employee experience at your company more efficient and pleasant.


Date of Issue:

To whom it may concern.

This is to certify that [Name of the employee] was working with [Company name] as [Employee designation] in our [Department name] department at our [Office location] location for [Tenure] starting from [Start date] to [End date].

During his/her tenure with [Company name], we found [Employee name] to be honest, hardworking & responsible.

He/she has done an exemplary job while working with us and has always maintained professional relations with the team and colleagues.

We wish him/her all the best in his/her future endeavors.


[Name of signatory]
[Designation of the signatory]
[Contact details of the signatory]




To Whom It May Concern:

The purpose of this letter is to certify that [employee’s full name] worked as a [job title] in the [department name] of [company name] from [start date] to [end date].

While employed with [company name], [employee first name]’s responsibilities included [responsibilities, KPIs]. He/She has done a fantastic job completing these tasks, and he/she has always been honest and dedicated with great interpersonal skills with the team.

We are sure that whatever they chose to do next, they will do it with the same amount of passion and drive that they showed in their many years with our company.

We certainly wish [employee first name] all the best in his future, and I would be happy to speak with you personally if you have any questions about their employment with [company name].


[Your name]
[Your job title]
[Your contact details]


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