Line makes 2 offers in 21 days for Sr React Native Engineers

Line makes 2 offers in 21 days for Sr React Native Engineers

"For our React role, Big.Jobs introduced us to candidates that we wouldn’t have been able to meet otherwise. Super quick onboarding and swift recommendations without any drop in quality. Seamless support on WhatsApp from my Talent Managers with fast turnaround times. 10/10 would recommend to everyone."

- Akshay K, CEO, Line

The Company

Line Financial is a Silicon Valley based high growth FinTech Startup hiring developers in India. They are backed by top investors including Sequoia, Coinbase, Techstars. They are an established, nationwide startup that delivers financial resilience to underserved active working professionals by helping them Save, Spend, Plan and Protect themselves as well as their families. Founded by Ex-Global Products Head of PayPal and Ex-COO of YourStory Media, Line Financial is growing at a 100% MoM with 99% user retention.

  • Founder - Akshay Krishnaiah, Chandan Raj
  • Founded in - 2019
  • Funding Stage - Seed
  • Industry - Financial Services, Payments 
  • Investors - Sequoia, Coinbase, Techstars
  • HQ - California, United States
  • Team Size -  20+

The Challenge

Line’s Principal React Native Engineer role was vacant for months. After having raised their pre-seed funding in March 2021, they were expanding rapidly and hence it became crucial to fill the Principal Engineer position. They had interviewed various candidates through referrals and their jobs were not attracting the kind of talent that they were looking for.

What Worked

Once we surveyed the market, it was quite evident that the pool for experienced React Native developers in India was quite limited. With a bunch of tech IPOs lining up in the market and general surge in venture capital funding, demand for React Native developers was high & the talent market became highly competitive.

Our Head of Operations, Sunil, (IIT Delhi grad, an experienced engineer himself) worked very closely with the founder of Line to calibrate the job requirement & streamline the hiring process. It was supplemented with market insights around salary trends that enabled Line to strongly position their opportunity in front of prospective applicants.

Post that Big.Jobs set out to publish Line’s opportunity on relevant channels & communities to attract a highly relevant candidate pool. A career hub was set up for Line followed by paid marketing and personalised outreach to prospective candidates. The objective was to elevate Line’s employer brand and leverage it to acquire a strong pipeline of qualified & interested developers. Combined with targeted outreach campaigns, very quickly Line’s pipeline started filling with strong leads ready for vetting & screening.

Big.Jobs used a combination of candidate evaluation technology and phone screening to do a first round of screening of all incoming candidates. Every candidate was assigned a Match Score and the ones who cleared the cut-off went to a deep phone screening with our Talent Managers. 

Line was assisted throughout the hiring process on WhatsApp & emails channels with timely updates, daily activity plans, sourcing insights & funnel stats. This ensured that the hiring team was able to move fast with all the relevant information at their disposal at every stage of the process.


Using Big.Jobs enabled Line’s team to save over 20 hours of sourcing time every week while ensuring they have a consistent supply with high relevance & interest.

Shortlist rates were high (~81%), drop-offs were much lower and the hiring team at Line could really focus on interviewing the strongest candidates they like, and quickly make hiring decisions. Our Talent Managers assisted them with daily insights, interview schedule and feedback while ensuring that all candidates have a fantastic experience.

Line was able to roll out 2 offers in 21 days!

From a pool of 250+ relevant React Native Engineers, 55 were phone screened by Big.Jobs of which 16 highly relevant profiles were recommended. 13 out of these 16 profiles were shortlisted by Line and moved ahead in the process. 

Within 13 days of engagement, the first offer was rolled out. And very quickly the second offer followed in the next 7 days.

Encouraged by these results, Line subsequently moved all their new & existing job roles on Big.Jobs.

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