HR Template: Candidate Experience Survey for Employers

HR Template: Candidate Experience Survey for Employers

Candidate Experience Surveys are critical to your hiring process as it provides a direct insight into efficacy of your recruitment efforts. Candidate experience includes all the stages from first touch point when they apply to your job position to when they get hired or rejected in the process.

Bad candidate experience cost Virgin Media $5m annually

There are a bunch of things that can fall between the cracks and provide a suboptimal experience to the applicants - poor communication, unexpected delays, inefficient interview process, and ghosting. This can have a negative impact on your brand not just for potential candidates but for potential customers as well. Remember, candidates could also be potential customers or ambassadors of your brand.

At Big.Jobs, we use Candidate Experience Surveys for our hiring companies to measure the efficacy of their recruitment process. It allows us to examine the process from candidates' perspective, and use the feedback to optimize the experience. To get started with your own, here's a template that you can download.

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