CoinDCX Hires 2 Engineers in 2 months for 2 Different Roles

CoinDCX Hires 2 Engineers in 2 months for 2 Different Roles

"In two months, we hired a solid Senior DevOps Engineer and a QA Engineer on Big.Jobs. The quality of candidates have been consistent since day one, the product is informative & super easy to navigate. Our Talent Managers made the process real smooth."

- Siddhaarth K B, Talent Acquisition, CoinDCX

The Company

CoinDCX is India’s largest and safest cryptocurrency exchange. They provide users single-point access to a diverse suite of crypto-based financial products and services that are backed by security processes and insurance. They have the highest number of crypto currencies listed in India and give instant fiat to crypto conversions free of charge. 

They are India’s first Crypto-exchange platform to enter the Unicorn Club by raising $90 million in its Series C round, led by Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin’s B Capital.

Other prominent investors are Polychain Capital, Coinbase and Bain Capital.

  • Founder - Sumit Gupta (Co-Founder, CEO - CoinDcx)
  • Founded - 2017
  • Industry - Financial Services, Crypto Exchange
  • Fundings - Series C 
  • Investors - Bain Capital, Coin Base
    Location - Mumbai, Bangalore
  • Team Size - 150+ employees

The Crisis

With COVID-19 being in the picture and the crypto industry facing regulatory uncertainty, it was imperative for CoinDCX to get people interested. Candidates across all industries were averse to working with this new technology at first because they're still unsure what will come next or how risky cryptocurrency investments really are. The way forward was going outbound in recruitment efforts while building a credible & exciting employer brand. This would enable them to fill their urgent positions on priority & also ensure they always have a consistent pipeline of high-quality talent for their growing teams.

What Worked

It started with an in-depth meeting with the CoinDCX team to understand the immediate hiring requirements. We brought in market insights & expert advice to calibrate the opportunity and ensure it generates good interest in the talent market. CoinDCX really cared about putting their best foot forward in front of prospective candidates. Big.Jobs put special emphasis on how it can leverage the excitement around crypto industry in general to attract a strong talent pipeline.

We set up a beautiful career hub for CoinDCX with highlights of the company, information about open positions, and why it makes sense for strong candidates to pursue this opportunity. These web pages were published in the form of job openings in multiple sourcing channels & further amplified by paid marketing on LinkedIn & Facebook to discover a potent pool of qualified candidates. Then a targeted outreach campaign was set up to engage the strongest candidates & invite them to pursue the opportunity.

Big.Jobs used a combination of algorithmic matching and an expert phone screening to evaluate the best fit that match CoinDCX's specific hiring needs. This allowed the hiring team to maintain a very high shortlist rate, over 60%, in the candidate pipeline.

"We’re very happy with the kind of candidates recommended to us on Big.Jobs. Applications are highly relevant, so it’s easier for my team to push the profiles ahead." - Komal Jagwani, Talent Acquisition, CoinDCX

Regular communication over emails & WhatsApp made the process smoother by discussing candidate feedback, changes in hiring requirements, or getting to understand the priorities. Big.Jobs owned the candidate experience of the applicants going through the pipeline and ensured that the brand is represented really well throughout the hiring process. This allowed the hiring team at CoinDCX to really focus all their time on taking the interviews & assessing the best fit, while we manage the rest.


Working jointly with Big.Jobs enabled CoinDCX to close 2 positions in the span of 2 months for 2 different roles.

2 Hires in 2 Months for 2 roles

The first hire for CoinDCX was for a Quality Assurance Engineer position who came with 7 years of experience, immense enthusiasm for the crypto industry, and a perfect set of skills which was an exact match for the team. A talent pool of 28 candidates was created and reached out to where 13 were passed through the interview process and 1 hired in under 30 days.

Similarly, with DevOps Engineer role, a pool of 30 candidates was created, 11 of which were forwarded in the process and 1 hire was made in 45 days.

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